Chapter 77

News From The Academy

Inside a spacious and bright room was a full-length mirror.

The mirror was taller than a person and was ornamented along its sides with black leaves which contrasted with the white birch wood. A large variety of different colored gems were also embedded along its edges, making it look extremely extravagant.

At this moment, a youth wearing a swallow-tail coat was standing in front of this mirror. Behind him were a few maids, who were busy straightening out their master's attire.

After tidying up, the youth waved his hands, sending the maids away, leaving him alone in the room.

This youth judged his reflected figure-- a medium-height build with a slim stature. He was brown haired and somewhat pale-skinned. His countenance could be described as delicate, but the shining luster in both his eyes indicated he had a very active mind.

"Unknowingly, I have already turned 17!"

Leylin looked at himself in the mirror and spoke with a hint of melancholy.

Time was the most incisive weapon. It turned babies into old people and created barren deserts by drying up seas. Even if a person was a Magus, they could only slightly prolong their lives. But even if they could live for several thousand years, they could still not evade the slow corrosion of time.

Over a year had passed ever since Leylin returned from his previous exploration.

"No! I must fight the eternal curse of time and seek immortality. Only then would I be deserving of the fate of having being transported to this world!"

Leylin's eyes turned a fiery black as if a deep magnificent flame was burning within them.

"Master! The city lord's horse carriage is here!" Outside the door, Anna's voice could be heard.

"Let him wait for a while, I'll be coming over shortly."

Leylin faced the mirror and finished sorting out his bearings, before picking up a short black cane and leaving the room.

* Deng Deng! *

The black horse carriage flew rapidly across the street and, after seeing the insignia of the city lord Castle; the citizens avoided it and made way. They all sent respectful and envious gazes to the horse carriage.

In the cabin, there was only Leylin. Currently, this youth was lying comfortably against a velvety goose feather cushion. His hand laid on its side, revealing a strange pendant on his palm.

The pendant was strikingly similar to the silver cross. On its surface were a few red and blue diamonds, which glittered in the light, giving off a faint glow.

As Leylin stared at this pendant, a satisfied expression crossed his face.

"According to the A.I. Chip's calculations, with the Stellar Alloy as the centerpiece and the support of various precious alloys that I have obtained during my travels, this prototype of the magic artifact has already been perfectly synthesized."

This pendant artifact was something that Leylin had synthesized according to the magic artifact section of the Lowian Academy Teachings.

3 years ago Leylin had managed to buy the decrepit page of the Lowian Academy Teachings, having the A.I. Chip slowly decipher the contents within.

The earlier portions of the teachings were only suitable for acolytes, with many travels and adventures recorded down. If not, Leylin could never have purchased the page at an extremely low price.

Leylin's luck was not bad. After the A.I. Chip finished deciphering, he obtained a method to synthesize a low-grade magic artifact.

Fallen Star Pendant -- This was the name of the magic artifact recipe he had obtained. According to the Lowian Academy Teachings, this Fallen Star Pendant, while a low-grade magic artifact, was of the rare defensive nature. Compared to a few attack type magic artifacts, its value was naturally much higher. Even an official Magus might be interested in it.

After having to see the materials needed and the process, Leylin had immediately decided that he had to synthesize the Fallen Star Pendant.

Although the spells of acolytes are rather destructive, their low defense capabilities have always been an issue.

Only by turning into an official Magus, and being able to form an innate defensive spell, can there be a spell projecting a force field that constantly protected the body. Only then, could someone be considered to be an awe-inspiring Magus.

As for acolytes, they could lose their lives at any time from sneak attacks.

The few acolytes who had entered the withering woods with Leylin previously were the best examples of this case.

Although they were able to cast destructive spells, due to the Great Mankestre Snake, they had all perished due to the lack of defensive spells. Only Murphy was fortunate enough to stay alive, but that was due to Leylin saving him.

Once he had synthesized the Fallen Star Pendant, coupled with a couple of defensive potions, Leylin's defence would be comparable to a fraction of the defence that a Magus had.

Furthermore, the Fallen Star Pendant's defence force field would be activated immediately. For instance, as long as the opponent's attack power does not exceed the threshold of the Fallen Star Pendant and before it's energy was completely depleted, Leylin's defence would be like that of a sturdy turtle shell. As long as the Fallen Star Pendant was active, nothing would happen to Leylin.

"Fortunately, there was a magician market near Extreme Night City, if not I wouldn't have been able to find so many precious ingredients so quickly!"

Leylin somehow felt glad for that.

After smashing and grinding most of the magic crystals he had, as well as adding all of the ingredients from the Great Mankestre Snake, he managed to create this prototype of a pendant.

"I have basically consumed all of my expendable resources. According to the Lowian Academy Teachings, this is only an incomplete product. The core of the Fallen Star Pendant has already been completed. What's left is the final step...."

Glancing at the Fallen Star Pendant in his hands he saw that the silver cross glittered and glowed with a wide range of different hues. On its surface were inscribed mysterious patterns, and altogether it seemed like a mystical art piece.

"As for the final ingredient, I have it with me already. I need to only wait for the opportune moment before I can initiate the spirit awakening for the Fallen Star Pendant!"

Leylin gripped the Fallen Star Pendant tightly and kept it on his shirt.

"As for the Tears of Mary, this ancient formula is really difficult to comprehend. Even after a lot of experiments and obtaining large amounts of data on spirit bodies, I still don't understand anything from looking at this formula!"

Leylin appeared downcast, and his thoughts spun rapidly, "Could it be that my conjecture is wrong? What if this formula has nothing to do with spirit bodies...."

"Halt!" The coachman's voice travelled from the front. The horse carriage jerked, as it came to a stop.

"Sir Leylin! The city lord's Castle is just ahead," reported the coachmen, respectfully.

Leylin shook his head and organized his inner thoughts as he walked out of the carriage's door.

The city lord's Castle was still the same - just as imposing and dignified as before. Rows of guards on both sides of the entrance were standing facing each other, and their gaze never wavered, appearing formidable.

"Viscount Jackson is rather intelligent!" Ever since the withering woods incident, he had pretended to be heavily injured and allowed the news to travel out. After his enemies confirmed the news and began to gather in cahoots for an attack, he caught them all at once lightning quick. He cut off all of their heads and their blood overflowed into the moat. From then on, all of Extreme Night City has been extremely quiet...."

"Leylin! My brother!"

Viscount Jackson had long since waited at the main door. Upon seeing Leylin, he immediately went forward to receive him.

Viscount Jackson had witnessed Leylin's strength first hand. Not to mention that Leylin was Viscount Jackson's lifesaver. If not for Leylin, Viscount Jackson would have long since become prey for the Great Mankestre Snake."

"City lord," said Leylin, as he nodded his head.

Viscount Jackson grabbed Leylin's hands in a cordial manner. After bringing Leylin for a stroll around his castle's garden, he then brought Leylin to a private study room.

Within the privacy of the castle, Viscount Jackson finally revealed a worrisome expression.

"My brother Leylin! Last time you had requested for 50 men, but I am simply unable to provide you with that many.... I have already sent all the criminals from all of my jails to your place. Also, I have even sent you cheats and thieves whose crimes do not warrant a death sentence. However, it is still too far from the number you requested...."

"It was like this?" Leylin nodded his head, and sat on the sofa, entering into deep thought.

Extreme Night City could barely be considered as a medium-sized city. Their residents would not exceed 100,000 people. For Viscount Jackson, providing Leylin with a few prisoners meant for the death row was still within his means. However, as time passed, the number of death row criminals became less and less, yet Leylin's request only kept increasing. So now, he could no longer fulfill the requests of Leylin.

"As you know," continued Viscount Jackson while Leylin was in deep thought, "I am only a city lord. My noble status is only that of a Viscount. For individual death sentences, I may still be able to decide on them. However, once it exceeds a certain threshold, I have no choice in the matter. After all, there are still laws presiding over the dukedom...."

Viscount Jackson waved his hands, and his eyes flashed, "Unless there is a war happening at the moment, if 50 or 100 people disappeared at once, it would definitely incite the wrath of the masses!"


Leylin was startled, but very soon his startled appearance turned into a frosty smirk. This was indeed a good chance to collect samples.

However, Viscount Jackson chose to mention it at this time, so it was very likely that he had already thought of a plan.

"Regarding this, I..." As Leylin wanted to speak further on the matter, his chest pocket suddenly vibrated as a crow-like 'caw' sounded. Immediately Leylin's expression changed.

"Is there something wrong?" Viscount Jackson asked with a 'concerned' look.

"It's.... It's nothing; I've received news from a friend!" Leylin reached his hands into his chest, and the cawing stopped immediately. His countenance also resumed its previous tranquility.

However, Leylin lost interest in speaking any further. He hurriedly exchanged a few more words with Viscount Jackson before bidding farewell.

Although something was troubling Viscount Jackson, seeing Leylin, who became absent-minded towards the end, he still did not say what was on his mind.

After Leylin came out of the castle, he hopped onto the horse carriage and rushed back to the manor.

"I actually received news from the academy at a time like this ...." According to the news, the war of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had already reached the peak of its intensity, where the victor and loser could be determined at any given moment.

As Leylin was an acolyte who was sent out on a mission, the academy had given him items with which they could contact him. There were also various items for contact purposes, with a 'single-use' effect, sent with him. This way, they were able to get the most updated news of the school during critical times.

"Right now, the news given would most likely determine the winner and loser. The Abyssal Bone Forest Academy's strength is limited, and there are two other factions of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy's strength opposing it, so the chances of winning are slim," mused Leylin, as he had a good grasp of the current predicament of Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

"Unless some external faction has stepped forward to mediate, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy will definitely take a huge loss this time, and may even result in being disbanded...."

Leylin carried a solemn expression as he stepped into his secret lab.

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