Chapter 769

Turbulent Undercurrent

With a buzz, the Morning Star realm’s transportation area suddenly flickered with a brilliant light.

“They have arrived!” Offa and Wayde’s eyes lit up at the sight, but Bevis’ expression became rather probing and had an unyielding look to it.

Several figures wrapped in a gentle ray of light appeared. After the light had dispersed, it revealed the figure of Leylin, Jeffrey and the others.

“Sir Offa, Sir Wayde and Sir Bevis! It’s been a long time since we met,” Leylin walked in front of the rest and greeted them with a smile.

“Sir Leylin, you- have you broken through?” Offa twisted his hands together, and appeared very excited.

“Yes, I have already reached the realm of rank 6,” Leylin smiled, and behind his back, the essence of his sun-like truesoul appeared, its piercing golden flame sweeping across everyone with powerful energy undulations.

“As expected, this is the power of a Breaking Dawn rank!” Offa’s eyes were bright and filled with tears, “our organisation’s long-cherished wish...

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