Chapter 768

Dragonwhale Successor


A heavy noise sounded from the bottom of the ocean and that was followed by a terrifying shadow, constantly emitting strong life force undulations.

The pressure from its gigantuan body alone created a tsunami of magnitude 10, causing the ship that Leylin was on to waver violently.

“Float!” Gilbert commanded with a sharp voice.

*Phew! Phew!* Thick streams of air sounded with unbounded energy and propped the entire ship, resulting in it being suspended mid-air.

However, things were not so fortunate for the other marine tribes present. A mass of sharks, turtles and a mishmash of sea creatures were carried away in the waves of this catastrophe, many were even crushed to pulps of flesh, dyeing the surrounding waters red with blood.

The shadow grew exponentially, its size comparable to that of a continent. And in the blink of an eye, a huge mountain blade tore through the surface of the sea like a knife blade, revealing an enormous black back.

“ the Dragonwhale?!” Emma’s...

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