Chapter 767

The World And Beyond

“I’m sorry my beloved, I could not accompany you,” Freya’s eyes seemed to redden, covered in a layer of sparkling tears.

“No, you’ve raised Syre. For me, and our Farlier family, this is the greatest contribution,” Leylin stood up with the adorable little fellow.

As his son had inherited his Serpent Emperor bloodline, his appetite was enormous. Occasionally he was full of uncontrollable energy and emotional issues with his bloodline power arose. Naturally, for high-ranked Warlocks, these couldn’t be considered problems at all.

“...In that case, the bloodline shackles of Kemoyin Warlocks are all gone?”

Freya thought of the most crucial point.

“No, strictly speaking, only my bloodline shackles have disappeared. Your bloodline origins however, now originate from me instead,” Leylin spoke truthfully, “but with my help, it won’t be a problem for you to advance to rank 6. As for Syre, since he has my bloodline, there’s an even greater probability for him to advance.”

“What do you mean, an even greater proba...

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