Chapter 766

Return And Meeting

In a flash of light, Leylin’s figure disappeared immediately, and reappeared in the Eternal River pocket dimension.

“Mm, let me think…” Leylin’s expression was rather intrigued, “The Twilight Zone, central continent, south coast and now the new subterranean world, it seems that I have more and more companions too…”

‘Could it be that this is the realm for me to spread my seed across the world, and father many illegitimate children?’ Leylin thought, rather speechlessly.

“However, in terms of diversity, the more base samples there are, the higher the probability of mutated bloodlines cropping up. Belinda and the others’ Alabaster Devilsnake and three-headed python bloodline combined with my own Targaryen bloodline, is something to look forward to…”

Leylin’s followed the customs of ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do— he had already accepted the Magus World’s traditions and did not feel like he was doing anything inappropriate.

“Only, compared to gathering them together and forming an enormous harem, perhaps scattering them across the continent like this...

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