Chapter 765

The Power to Move Mountains

“Just looking at beautiful scenery is also a way of enjoying yourself!” Leylin’s eyes had a different look to them.

He had previously been afflicted with the Allsnake Curse, and had no choice but to struggle against the heavens. He had taken the risk to enter the Purgatory World, dancing on the edge of a blade with no extra time to do something as mundane as enjoying the scenery.

Now, however, after completely ridding himself of the curse on his bloodline,his body of laws, near rank 7, would last him over 100,000 years.

With this much more time, he finally had time to breathe, released from his tight schedule. This was why he had spent so much effort on dealing with this bilateral trade.

He had previously been someone who could not even take care of himself, so why would he bother with others? Now, with a lot more time and freedom, Leylin finally had the chance to consider the development of Ouroboros Clan, the Farlier Family and so on.

“Taking care...

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