Chapter 764


“Thank you for your magnificent hospitality, but I must be off. I look forward to my next meeting with you!” Ignox waved at Leylin and entered the door of light in front of the cupboard.

A great deal of rust vanished, and the room returned to what it had looked like before. The feeling of another space being connected here gradually dissipated. Leylin’s eyes were filled with an inquisitive glint.

“This travel… is it an evolution of the laws he grasped? It seems rather effective when travelling between worlds and the astral plane…”


“My lord, may we enter?” Eam’s voice was heard from behind the door. It had only been a short conversation, but that had taken up the whole night.

Of course, for beings like Leylin this was nothing at all. Even labouring for ten years without any rest would not give rise to feelings of exhaustion to someone with a law body.

‘Is it an innate upgrade of the body itself, or just part of a sequence of transitions?’ Leylin gazed at his...

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