Chapter 763


Multi-coloured carpets and pieces of furniture gave off a slight aroma within a luxurious room, as if there had been some special incense burnt here that gave a simple yet elegant feeling.

Leylin surveyed the surroundings and nodded in satisfaction. Though he had been a guest here before and already experienced the VIP rooms of the Lyas Family, the grandeur of this room had reached a whole new level. This had once been Eam Lyas’ mansion. Of course, once Leylin revealed his intentions to stay overnight, he had arranged this place for him with the fastest speed possible.

Leylin currently stood before a huge oil painting, observing the portrait of a blue-haired Warlock. The man in the portrait looked somewhat similar to Eam; it was probably the founder of his family.

After being focused on for a period of time, the portrait’s eyes flickered, revealing an expression full of terror as if it was alive. However, it could not speak nor move, and only watched...

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