Chapter 762


Arthur forced a smile as he spoke, a hint of fear in his voice, “Even after reaching the threshold of 50%, I wouldn’t dare enter the slumber of qualitative change and go through with such a huge gamble!”

“Why? Because of the rate of failure?” Leylin suddenly understood.

“Yes, my lord!” Terror was evident in Arthur’s eyes, “The Magi who sink into that stage of slumber will gradually reach their death in their sleep if they cannot completely comprehend the law… Ever since the ancient final war, I’ve never heard of anyone who has succeeded…”

“In other words, no Magi have advanced to rank 7 since the ancient war?” Leylin stroked his chin, suddenly feeling like he had been extremely lucky. Though his method of advancing had been different from regular Magi, and it had also happened in another world, he had escaped some trouble.

“Yes!” Arthur nodded grimly, “Until today, the only existences of laws that I know are the Mother Core, Death Sovereign King and...

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