Chapter 761

King Arthur

“Where… is this?” Belinda looked bewildered, the energy undulations on her body suppressed to below Morning Star. Sophia on the other hand was much weaker, and she did not change very much.

“This… is this your original world?” Aegnis was no better, having almost fallen to Morning Star herself.

The more powerful a world was, the more its residents would be suppressed in the Magus World. Since those like Sophia posed no threat, the suppression she faced was the weakest.

Upon seeing this, Leylin looked to be deep in thought before he clapped his hands. “Ladies, welcome to the Magus World. This is the first level of the underground world. I hope you like it!” Now that their attention was on him, Leylin rubbed his nose.

“Now that you’re here, you’re free to do as you please. Of course, if you follow me, I’ll take care of you. One more thing. I’ve already gotten married here. Still, although I have more than one wife already, I wouldn’t mind having a few more…”

“Oh, so Brother Leylin is...

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