Chapter 760

Back To The Magus World

With one word, the numerous rank 6 beings bowed their heads to him. The power of laws shockingly had such an effect!

“It shouldn’t be difficult to control these beasts given some time with just the law of gluttony. Pity…” Leylin gazed at the eyes of the large gluttonous beasts and shook his head.

“I can’t bring them back to the Magus World. Besides, I’m relying on the law of devouring which isn’t compatible with these gluttonous beasts. Most importantly, their power originates from the gluttonous power of Beelzebub. Now that the root of their power has been warped, I can’t fix them even if I try.”

“Perish! Innate law— Devour!” A terrifying, monstrous winged serpent that extended across the horizon appeared behind Leylin, and a horrifying black hole was formed in an instant.

Numerous gluttonous beasts wailed in anguish, but seemed to be suppressed by some kind of invisible force that rendered them immobile as they watched themselves disappearing into that black hole.

“No! I’m the second...

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