Chapter 759


The challenging risks had paid off. Leylin had staked everything on a desperate gamble, and it came through. Not only had he broken through his bloodline shackles, he had even grasped the power of laws! He was now comparable to a rank 7 law wielding Magus, and there was only a small barrier to his advance.

He was now so powerful that the A.I. Chip’s original units of measurement couldn’t quantify his strength any more. He had to switch to another unit of measurement.

‘Near rank 7 in power… If I stay in the Magus World, I won’t even need to be afraid of the Snake Dowager.’ Leylin was now completely relaxed, and he even had the urge to yell out into the heavens. ‘It’s a pity that I couldn’t lure Beelzebub out completely, and the law isn’t complete. However, just the damage to his soul is enough to cause him to go into a deep sleep or even die. Worse comes to worst, I’ll attack his lair and then seize the last bit of the power of laws. Naturally, I’ll be able to enter rank 7 after...

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