Chapter 758

Halfway To Rank 7

“Your Wings of Gluttony will belong to me!” Along with Leylin’s announcement and Beelzebub’s miserable cries, the monstrously dark wings were forcefully torn off, splattering blood everywhere.

*Hss—* The phantom Kemoyin Emperor behind Leylin opened its mouth wide, and it seemed like there was a black hole at its depths. It immediately devoured the entirety of the devil’s fleshy wings.

*Pila! Pila!* Two lumps of flesh surfaced on the snake’s back. It then spread out a tremendous pair of fleshy wings that looked similar to Beelzebub’s own.

“The law of gluttony…” Leylin sounded rather bewitched by them, “Combined with my own abilities, what kind of result will there be?”

The terrifying black hole wreaked complete havoc, devouring Beelzebub’s entire body. In front of the Kemoyin Emperor’s innate skill of control, the devil’s mortal body which had been created with the Black Horrall Snake as its source material was suppressed to a huge degree. Beelzebub’s body gradually disappeared as the Kemoyin Emperor devoured...

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