Chapter 757

3 Strikes

The Purgatory World was a bizarre world. It was extremely vast, second only to the few strongest worlds such as the Magus World, World of Gods and Dreamscape. The world had originally been full of power.

Yet what was strange was that the Purgatory World Will had always been rather muddled. It was as though it was in deep sleep, or perhaps it was just foolish, allowing many formidable beings from other worlds to invade it, turning it into a paradise for a great many foreign beings.

However, the ancient Purgatory World was not like this. It also had its own powerful conscient!

Every world had its respective World Will, which would abide by its instinctive need to safeguard its own interests. After receiving such information from the Wisdom Tree, Leylin instantly saw hope in defeating the Snake Dowager and obtaining the bloodline origin!

Since the Purgatory Will was currently dormant or perhaps muddled, then Leylin would rouse it from its sleep! Judging by the Wisdom Tree’s powerful ability to bestow intelligence and wisdom, this would be a simple task. It went without saying as to how the World Will would treat the Snake Dowager and the...

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