Chapter 756

Completely Unleashed

“Since the people involved have arrived, it’s about time for me to make my appearance!” Leylin watched the enormous sphere of snakes rise up, and as he saw the terrifying figure of Beelzebub flapping its large fleshy wings, he suddenly laughed.

Thomas, who was still on the ground, had already been scared out of his wits. The second elder and the disciplinary corps had rebelled! The holy city was under attack! The true bodies of the Snake Dowager and the Sovereign King of Gluttony had emerged!

Every single one of these events were terrifying changes for him. And when they had all happened at once, Thomas was simply at a loss as to what to do.

“Oh! Aren’t you responsible for public security in this area during wartime? I’m sorry to trouble you, this place will only descend further into chaos from now.” Leylin apologized to Thomas like a gentleman, yet this messed with Thomas’ mind even more.

“Greater chaos? What do you mean?” But Thomas didn't have time to think. An enormous beam of grey light suddenly shot out from the walls and the floor of the loft, heading straight towards the sky.

This was the last scene that Thomas witnessed. Soon...

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