Chapter 755

Another Clash

The disciplinary corps was the most elite squadron in the entire holy city. Every snakeman there was a blood descendant of the Stewart family, and possessed strength at least at Morning Star. The leader of the disciplinary corps was the Stewart family’s esteemed second elder, who had no faults as a commander.

If these troops were appropriately deployed, they could indeed reclaim the perilous situation they faced, and would at least bring the battlefront to the same level.

However, Aegnis felt a fluttering feeling lingering in her chest.

“What’s happening?” She climbed onto the tower and immediately saw the disciplinary corps. Compared to the last few times she had seen then, the disciplinary guards had an even more tyrannical aura around them, and Aegnis could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“The preparations for the guardian technique have been completed!”

“Activate the technique, and initiate activation of the holy city protection matrix!”

“Rank 2 Alchemy Cannon is ready, and can fire at any time!”


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