Chapter 754

The Great Thief Daudet

Outside the holy city, the great war was on the verge of beginning. Leylin was also caught up in the imminent crisis.

A guard with slanting eyes and a sullen face reported to Thomas: “Young master! Our people in the coastal division have sent news. There isn’t the least bit of information on this Nick, and he seems to have appeared out of thin air. In addition, the other pure-blooded Alabaster Devilsnake clans have been contacted and they couldn’t find this Nick wither, perhaps he is from some remote branch clan...”

“You couldn’t discover his origins? That’s fine, arrest him on the charge of espionage. Set off immediately!” Thomas stroked his chin, with a trace of menace in his eyes. He couldn’t bear it any longer.

As for considering the bigger picture? He chuckled gently. This was not something that young master Thomas would ever consider!

“Yes sir,” the slant-eyed guard immediately accepted his order. If the butler from earlier, Mumbas, was still there, he would perhaps try to...

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