Chapter 753

Imminent Crisis

“Sophia seems to be recovering well, she doesn’t need to come here anymore!” Leylin reclined on the deck chair and spoke leisurely.

“Mm, thank you very much!” Belinda’s eyes seemed to become a little emotional. For some reason, ever since Sophia began drinking the mysterious ‘tea’ Leylin made from his little green tree, her condition had greatly improved. She had become much more mature and intelligent.

“By the way, what is this ‘tea’? Is it some sort of medicine?” Belinda was puzzled, but at the same time was filled with gratitude towards Leylin. She naively believed that Leylin had grown the tree in order to treat Sophia, and Leylin obviously would not uncover this beautiful misunderstanding.

“Oh! It’s just the name of a drink from my hometown. It’s made from plants, where the essence of leaves is extracted through liquid. It is rather similar to this drink,” Leylin obviously did not want to elaborate.

“Is it the culture of some...

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