Chapter 752

Successful Growth

*Chik! Chik!* The large two-headed mouse bellowed, a pair of sharp claws being enveloped by yellow light. A huge wound was torn open on Benny’s ches, but for the Ent who didn’t have any weak points or even flesh and blood, there was naturally nothing like a scene of blood spurting out.

On the contrary, there was no pain on Benny’s face. Instead, a green circle of light was emitted from his chest and it began to heal immediately. Even the giant claws were caught inside, inducing the large rat’s fury.

“Bind!” Green leaved vines were like the most terrifying of law-shackles, extending from Benny’s arm and twining around the giant rat.

‘Powerful regeneration abilities and such physical strength… Could this be the Primordial Ent rumoured to be from ancient times?’ Belinda watched the two monsters fighting and gritted her teeth, making use of this hard-to-come-by chance and beginning to flee. Meanwhile, the mysterious feelings she had for Leylin grew...

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