Chapter 751

Eternal Ent

The holy city had paid a price in blood to gather information about the gluttonous beasts, and in return Belinda had been taken advantage of by those dishonest profiteers when she tried to get a hold of the information.

However, the information was worth the exorbitant price. It was unquestionably genuine, and had helped her escape danger several times.

‘This won’t do. If the gluttonous beast evolves, its capabilities will have grown even greater. It might even discover my presence…

“Even if I continue waiting patiently for the beast to leave, there will still be others. This place is obviously a gathering point for them, otherwise the mission wouldn’t be marked with such great difficulty. And now… The aura given off by this evolving beast is making the others subconsciously keep away from this place…’ Belinda’s eyes flashed.

“This might be my best chance!” she said, with a resolute expression in her eyes.

“Dreamforce spell—...

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