Chapter 749

Green Leaves

The small courtyard that had been peaceful and quiet for over a year had recently received more and more visits from guards, and that was because of that Thomas’ secretly hostile behaviour.

‘Perhaps he will come and have a showdown with me soon?’ Leylin sighed, ‘This sort of situation is so troublesome, especially at this crucial moment…’

Shortly after, Leylin shut his eyes. ‘In this situation, even if I don’t fight back and make some vows instead, Thomas won’t ever believe me again. After all I’ve done that many times already, and having Sophia pretend is also not desirable. With her intelligence, she’d be found out.

‘Unless, I directly take over her consciousness, but that would demand too much from me… Or I could send her over to Thomas’ bed? No, Belinda would probably go crazy. It’s fine if she does, but if she mobilises Aegnis, that’ll be more troublesome than that moron Thomas…’

In just a moment, Leylin had completely thought over the outcomes...

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