Chapter 748

Tacit Understanding

At the end, Belinda’s voice was choked with sobs.

Leylin looked at how Belinda was speaking in her tearful voice, and was rendered speechless. ‘Alright I didn’t think my acting would have such a great effect, did the mental suggestions affect her too deeply?’

However, what he needed now was to be low-profile, and he couldn’t be together with Belinda and bring trouble onto himself. The beauty of the two sisters would be a source of chaos anywhere.

Knowing this, how could Leylin put himself in danger?

“Become mercenaries? Hah, how would we afford the holy city’s rent and prices? Particularly with the Stewart family, you can’t just break away from them just because you want to. Against this family who have extended their tentacles in all corners of the holy city, what can you possibly do?”

Leylin could only play the role of a realist, and coldly strike down Belinda.

“Nick, you’ve changed! You weren’t like this before!” The callous words made Belinda a little dull, and she looked at Leylin with a rather foolish expression.

“I haven’t changed,...

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