Chapter 747

Dreamscape Waning

“Soul undulations, bloodline detection, identity testing— pass!” A mechanical voice transmitted from a small sculpture of the Snake Dowager held by the squad leader.

Sensing the detecting undulations sweeping past him, Leylin inwardly sneered. With his soul force and bloodline concealed, and especially with Aegnis inadvertently protecting him as his original information had been entered into the database, the identity test that was most likely to expose him had its leaks completely sealed. Even if they examined him again, it would be to no avail.

“Haven’t you finished the inspection? Shouldn’t you get lost then?” Thomas looked at the bunch of guards who hurried away in confusion, with a satisfied look in his eyes.

“Little Sophia! These guards all belong to the Stewart family. If you encounter them in the holy city, don’t be frightened, just give them my name!” Shortly afterwards, Thomas made this solicitous offer.

Leylin secretly rolled his eyes. He knew that if it wasn’t for Belinda and her sister,...

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