Chapter 746

Descent of Clone

Rumours said that the Snake Dowager could take over the Shadow World, it was clear how great her comprehension of the power of shadows was. As expected, the moment the power of shadows appeared, it replaced the purifying holy light from earlier. Even the crimson lightning and spatial storm’s destructive power could not affect it, and it remained as steady as a rock.

“Allsnake Devour!” The dark power of shadows transformed to form numerous giant snakes, revealing their fangs to the huge monstrous palm opposing them.

“Hah! The doors to a new world shall be opened by me!” A multitude of terrifying grey snakes hissed at the owner of this voice. Alabaster Devilsnakes, Giant Kemoyin Serpents and practically all of the Dowager’s descendants could be found amongst the shadow snakes.

Terrifying and tremendous force, backed by the corrosive power of shadows, immediately left lacerations on the monstrous hand.

However, Beelzebub paid no mind at all....

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