Chapter 745

Allsnake and Tyrant

‘There seems to be some disturbance in the holy city today.’ Leylin looked at the sky. The sound of a piercing alarm could be heard, but he ignored it as he continued to water his garden.

‘According to my plan, those serpents contaminated by gluttony should have reached this place. It seems like the guards have discovered something,’ Leylin was unhurried, busying himself with his own matters.

In reality, with all the time that had passed gluttony had already permeated the Serpent Plains. This epidemic wouldn’t disappear unless the plains were completely destroyed. That was how certain Leylin was of his own work.

With a push on his end, the original power of gluttony on the plains had become unstoppable. The large amount of giant high-energy snakes, combined with this terrifying power that made use of food intake to break through, created a horrifying effect that exceeded even Leylin’s expectations.

‘With this...

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