Chapter 744

The Calamity of Gluttony

The Nefarious Filthbird and the Trial’s Eye were eternal enemies. Since the Snake Dowager had allied herself with the Trial’s Eye, it was normal for her to be a target of the Nefarious Filthbird’s resistance and hostility. Hence, Leylin decided to rely on the Nefarious Filthbird’s support, using its chaos power to conceal himself.

Now, the Nefarious Filthbird saw Leylin take yet another step towards success, so its increased investment in him was understandable. It was too bad that Leylin had never placed his hopes on the Nefarious Filthbird.

From the beginning, Leylin never trusted the Nefarious Filthbird. After all, it was a treacherous and powerful dignitary from another world. When he came to the Purgatory World, he had always hidden his most important abilities and his trump cards, and had never revealed a single part of any of them.

‘A.I. Chip! Initiate mission!’ Leylin began to communicate with the A.I. Chip in secret.

[Beep! Mission established, opening...

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