Chapter 743

Rationality and Reality

‘However, it’s still not bad!’ After scanning the room, Leylin nodded lightly.

The place was a little small, lacked furniture, and was covered in a thick layer of dust, it would still fetch a sky-high rent in the holy city, where an inch of land was worth as much in gold. Since he could live here for free, why would he be dissatisfied?

What made Leylin feel even more satisfied was that this place was the Stewart family’s property, and Thomas had even specially registered it for him. With Thomas vouching for him, even if the entire city was thoroughly searched in the future, this place would be as steady as a rock.

Leylin had his own reasons for his actions today. They were only performed after careful deliberation. The holy city would be entering troubled times, and without a strong patron a simple search would be very troublesome. Why else would he live here? He had no lack of valuable materials to sell.

For one, he didn’t want to offend Thomas. Another reason was that he was borrowing the Stewart family’s tiger skin [1 Putting on a false...

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