Chapter 742

Settling and Loft

‘Rumours say the Snake Dowager favours the holy city, granting huge benefits to all her descendants…’ Leylin thought, watching the siblings who were drunk on the feeling. ‘Truth be told, the holy city is just affected by the presence of her main body. The radiation from it refines their bloodlines.’

Of course, there was a limit to this process. However, the guarantee that their bloodlines wouldn’t deteriorate was enough for all of them to scramble here without delay.

‘Pity. This sort of high energy radiation is basically poison to me now.’ Sensing the curse mark continuously absorbing radiation and gaining strength, Leylin could only smile wryly. The Allsnake Curse had been sealed, but the closer he was to the Snake Dowager the more obvious the flare ups would become.

Hiding any signs of abnormality and taking the initiative to get closer...

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