Chapter 741

Residence Permit

“Hehe… we were only joking earlier, don’t mind us! Of course, I’ll take care of Nick’s situation as well!” Aegnis smiled along, and Belinda immediately looked at ease. After all, she had asked a favour of Aegnis.

“Alright, I’ll bring everyone in to go through the formalities,” Aegnis rested her arm around Belinda’s shoulders, and with her other hand pulling Sophia along, she did not forget to yell at Thomas, “Kid, why haven’t you apologised to Sire Nick yet?”

Seeing what she was doing, Belinda smiled once more, no longer resistant to her actions.

“My apologies, Sire Nick!” Watching the backs of the three females walking ahead, Thomas shouted loudly.

However, his lips mouthed something else, “You weakling who only knows to rely on women!”

Leylin merely shrugged in answer to his provocation and insult and continued to follow behind Belinda, which left Thomas flabbergasted; it was the first time he had seen someone...

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