Chapter 737

Beast Spirit Seal

“But before that, I should finish doing everything else.” A crystal ball emerged in Leylin’s hands, with a red-eyed little snake, with scales as pure white as jade, wriggling around within.

Bound within the ball was Belinda’s father, a rank 5 pure-blooded Alabaster Devil. This was the beast spirit of Kenta! If Belinda were to find out, things might get troublesome, but Leylin didn’t really care about her anymore.

Besides, Leylin was very confident in his concealing techniques.

Now, the hatred and obstinate look in the beast spirit’s eyes had disappeared, and all that was left was bewilderment.

Leylin was very satisfied upon seeing this.

[Beep! Scan of target completed. All hostility in its subconscious has been removed.] At this moment, the A.I. Chip prompted in a robotic tone.

“Good! My hard work for almost a whole month hasn’t been in vain! I’ve finally tamed him.”

Leylin pressed his fingers against the crystal, allowing the little white snake to break free of its bindings. It flit between his fingers, and even seemed to...

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