Chapter 736

Eve of the Arrival

Manmade environments were often the weakest and the most susceptible to external influences.

Through the Snake Dowager’s power that boosted reproduction rates, coupled with the defilement of gluttony running rampant through the plains, the combined results of both of these would not just be a simple addition, but a powerful immeasurable change in the rate itself. Even Leylin himself highly anticipated the changes that were bound to happen.

The most important thing was that those effects were all due to the power of laws. Leylin had barely done anything at all to make that happen, which fully removed him from the situation.

Even the Snake Dowager herself would only suspect that it was the Monarch of Gluttony invading from another world, and thus her attention would be diverted away from Leylin.

With these two law wielding existences vying to control this world, what sparks would it bring about?

Just thinking of it amused Leylin.

Finally, Leylin gave one last lingering look at this marsh that was riddled with chaos and...

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