Chapter 735

Gluttony’s Defilement

The journey through the Serpentes Plains was extremely smooth as the Giant Serpentes avoided Leylin whom had carried the Devilish Alabaster bloodline on him,

As for those snakes without intelligence that tried to harass Leylin or treat him as a prey, they were swiftly slain by Belinda, which gave Leylin the cold shudders.

Perhaps, amongst the snakes, only those with intelligence could be considered as the same family. Those without any ability to think or those that only acted on instincts were not considered as part of them.

Furthermore, between the different races under the Snake Dowager, cannibalism and wars were often executed.

These races were mostly hovering between ranks 1 and 2, even Sophia could deal with them easily without Belinda’s help.

Over time, Leylin’s party gradually entered the deeper regions of the plains.

Under the purple moonlight, the plains were extremely tranquil. Time to time, flickering red light from burning coals surfaced, bringing heat to the...

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