Chapter 734

A Strange Environment

The beast spirit had to be attacked personally, resulting in a blood feud between the two. Its hostility, along with its instinctive resistance against being enslaved, simply made subduing this beast spirit a fantasy for any average beast spirit master.

“Resistance is futile!” Leylin shook his head. Magi and Warlocks definitely cultivated their truesouls to a greater degree compared to the aboriginals of the Purgatory World.

With his tricks and refined manipulation techniques, it was possible to even extract the hatred from the beast spirit directly, as though it was a highly precise surgery. This would greatly reduce the difficulty of subduing the beast spirit.

However, in comparison to making use of one’s truesoul to defeat it, the difficulty of such a surgery would be much higher, and the time required would be much longer.

Thus, Leylin chose to subdue it forcefully, instead of taking an approach that would make the beast spirit’s hatred simmer down.

“If I get rid of the beast spirit’s will to resist entirely, as well as its hostility, I’m afraid that perhaps even a rank 4 beast spirit master would be able to make this rank 5 beast spirit...

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