Chapter 732

Serpentes Plains

After death, Kenta’s corpse swelled and regained its form of a giant snake that was tens of thousands of metres long.

A flicker of a truesoul abruptly emerged, as if about to accept guidance into the cosmic world and turn into a floating island for all eternity.

“Trying to leave?”

Leylin sneered, terrifying power sealing the surroundings. Dark red chains trapped the truesoul and was emptied into the black crystal ball in Leylin’s hands.

“The soul of a rank 5 is the main ingredient for a rank 5 beast spirit!” Leylin muttered to himself, keeping the crystal ball properly.

“The materials for the dream imprint have been gathered!”

Leylin came before the gigantic carcass of the Alabaster Devil. After having much of its blood extracted, the body looked like it had shrunken, but was still tremendous.

“Return!” With a flash of spatial undulations, the large snake carcass disappeared without a trace. This was the body of a rank 5 giant snake, and even without blood, it...

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