Chapter 731

Killing and Clone

The large snake figure that was even taller than a mountain stood before him, with large energy undulations of rank 5 emitting from it.

This aura caused many of the family members with the blood of the Alabaster Devil to fall, yet Leylin was not the least bit affected.

His expression did not even change, still assessing this huge beast in front of him as if picking and choosing goods.

Evidently, this attitude had led to Kenta’s great wrath.

“Hss!” The Alabaster Devilsnake hissed and pounced forward.

*Rumble!* The surface of the ground shook unceasingly, and the area at the middle caved in, forming a terrifying large pit.

The tremendous snarls and the figure of the white snake streaked across from the pit.

Terrifying explosions sounded continuously. A tremendous white snake figure was sent flying at the end, large droplets of blood sprinkling across the sky.


The large snake rolled in the sky and then regained Kenta’s human figure, though there were now numerous tiny wounds...

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