Chapter 730

Revenge and Taking Action

“I swear that your death will be incomparably miserable…” The middle-aged man’s face was contorted. The plans that he had meticulously thought up had been completely destroyed, causing him to sink into exasperation and fury.

Thin scales appeared on his hands in an instant and shot out like a giant cannon, striking Belinda’s abdomen. Pure-blooded rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake strength caused Belinda to fly backwards like she had been hit by a train, and the sounds of fracturing bones rang out.

Some of her internal organs were even ripped apart, mixing with blood as they spurted out of her mouth.

“Did you think you would die? No, no no. Let me heal you, and we’ll repeat this process unendingly!” A large white snake figure emerged from the smoke, with a furious middle-aged figure at the bottom.

He came before Belinda, eyes sparkling a bloody red. Belinda’s body floated in the air, and as if she was being crushed by tens of thousands of tons, her bones were...

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