Chapter 729

Ancient Bloodline Mirror

Accompanied by cries of “The Alabaster Devil” “The Alabaster Devil’s here!”, panic spread like a plague and enveloped the whole town. The people of the town were now not as boisterous as before, and some even quivered in fear in their own homes.

‘Seems like Belinda’s family doesn’t have a good reputation here.’ Leylin entered the town that had descended into a state of panic and shook his head while speechless. On second thought, though, he wasn’t all that surprised.

These people were only slightly stronger than regular humans, while Belinda’s family had rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnakes in their numbers. The huge disparity in strength led to an imbalance of power, and in this situation Leylin would actually be more astonished if the residents were treated well.

“Tell me, where is the Whiteriver Valley?” The crimson in Leylin’s eyes flashed as he watched the pair who were trembling in fear.

“Re- Revered master, there aren’t any...

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