Chapter 728


It was obvious how determined Belinda was, and how adamantly she was against Leylin’s interference. After settling Leylin at the Whiteriver Valley, Belinda regularly headed out early and returned late, seemingly in a hurry as she prepared for something.

Seven days later, she brought a girl who was about fifteen or sixteen, pulling her in front of Leylin. “This is my sister, Sophia. How is she? Do you like her?”

“Lord Nick, good- Good morning!” The girl called Sophia pulled at her skirt and bowed towards Leylin.

“Sister Sophia!” Leylin laughed as he sized her up. She looked similar to Belinda, with long silver hair and eyes that were like rubies. However, there was a hurry and uneasiness on her face.

“You… What’s this about?” Leylin glanced towards her, not knowing if he should laugh or cry in this situation.

“It’s nothing much. There’s stuff I need to do, so I’m hoping...

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