Chapter 727

Whiteriver Valley

‘When did it disappear? Why didn’t I notice at all?’ Leylin’s pupils shrank as he watched the now-empty fountain of blood.

Crackling sounded as the fountain disassembled itself at a faster rate. The bricks, rocks, soil, flowers, and grass all came apart into tiny beads that banded together to form a twisted humanoid figure.

This twisted figure constantly drew in parts of the garden and became increasingly solid, until at last it turned into a woman who had a black beach umbrella with her.

“I heard from Owl that you’re looking for me?” The woman had her back to Leylin, dressed in black clothing and using the large area of the umbrella to cover her upper body. Leylin could only see her black dress and crystal shoes, and hear a pleasant rich voice that could subconsciously intoxicate a person.

“Looking for you? Could you be Madam Minaz? Yes, I’d like to know if there are any ways to freely leave Dreamscape!” A layer...

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