Chapter 726

Reentering the Dreamscape

”These vile Dreamscape Creatures, we clearly had an agreement before for the protection of our bloodline!” Belinda snarled rudely, flushing red with anger.

“Dreamscape’s changes are too strange, we can’t judge it by normal standards…” Leylin had already faintly guessed the reason for the creatures chasing him, but naturally he wouldn’t say tell her, “Perhaps these Dreamscape Creatures are not the same as those you signed the agreement with…”

Hearing his words, Belinda became silent.

“Indeed. The strength of Dreamscape Creatures is not governed by any laws. Perhaps the Nightmare Creatures we had previously signed an agreement with have all died. These new Nightmare Creatures could even have evolved from earthworms yesterday.” A wry smile appeared on Belinda’s face, as if she had figured it out.

“Even with our bloodline, our use of dreamforce cannot match that of these natives, we’re in trouble.” She looked at Leylin with a twinge of regret in her eyes,...

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