Chapter 725

Dreamscape Forest

Under the radiant light of a purple moon, two dirt-yellow figures were galloping across the fields at a fast speed.

These two yellow figures were naturally the two yellowish-brown earth lizards. The two figures sitting on their backs had their entire bodies tightly wrapped up, only exposing their scarlet pupils which flashed coldly from time to time.

“This earth lizard is a rather good way of getting around!” Leylin looked at the lower limbs of his mount. Above the lizard’s barbed feet was a translucent membrane, rich in energy particles which converged around its surface. With this, it could very easily traverse jungles, swamps and other complex terrain.

“When we cross the Dreamscape Forest, we will arrive at the Whiteriver Valley. That’s where my family is…” Belinda’s voice did not carry a single trace of joy.

“Dreamscape Forest? Why the name...” Leylin had some misgivings, and soon looked all around him. Their surroundings were all grasslands, and there was nothing like a forest nearby.


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