Chapter 724

Port and Mount

“Of course I’m afraid!” Leylin seemed to be very confident, “After all we destroyed a port belonging to the Master of Chaos and even massacred a branch belonging to the Master of Order! Oh, mighty dignitary, the Matriarch! I hope they don’t join together and put a bounty on us, else we really will become famous!”

Leylin’s performance was a huge success, and the look of suffering on his face caused Belinda to mock him.

“Hmph! A port? Port Elias was only an illegal private port that their governor established himself. He didn’t get any permission from the Hail Continent, and even amongst the high ranking Sacrificers of the Nefarious Filthbird, very few acknowledge it… In a colony like this, it’s merely an attempt on the Filthbird’s end. It would be great if it went well, but even if it were to fail, there aren’t any major losses…

“Besides, this is the the territory of the the Eye of Order’s ally, the Matriarch! The Master of Chaos and the Eye...

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