Chapter 723

Plans and Setting Foot on the Continent

Their final struggles taken care of, the truesouls of the many kinsmen of the marine tribes were corroded by the black flames and they all died with a loud rumble.

“You did well, annihilating so many Sacrificers of the Trial’s Eye. Here’s a reward!” The chaotic force of the Nefarious Filthbird was projected into Leylin’s mind with a royal declaration, great amount of chaos power descending through subconscious communication.

[Beep! Discovered large amounts of the law of chaos. Absorb?]

“No! Store it all.” With Leylin’s command, the large amount of chaotic force turned into grey crystals that he secretly stored. The black flames gradually died out, revealing an islet that now had no other traces of life.

“Keke… so they all died just like that? I thought they’d be more fun…” Belinda laughed maniacally.

Leylin appeared behind in her in that instant, light shining in his hands.

“What are you doing?”...

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