Chapter 722

Bewitching and Black Conversion

*Rattle!* At this moment, the steel fenced door was abruptly pulled open, and a circle of higher ups from the marine tribe walked in.

The leader’s face had a few blue scales on it. He looked towards Belinda coldly, and read from a sheepskin scroll, “Belinda, the headquarters has decided that you’ve turned your back on the Master of Order, profaning the glory of the dignitary. We judge you to have committed the crime of colluding with the enemy.”

“No, no! This is impossible!” Belinda completely crumbled down.

“Nothing is impossible!” The marine tribe leader tossed the document in front of her, the seal from the headquarters at the bottom right corner. It emitted dazzling lights, and wasn’t something that could be faked.

After seeing the scarlet words of judgement on it, Belinda had almost completely given up.

“Even… even if the headquarters is infected by chaos and filth, I still have the dignitary. I’m still a Sacrificer…” Belinda trembled,...

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