Chapter 721


The organisation that Belinda belonged to was obviously subordinate to the Trial’s Eye. They had been preparing to act against the Nefarious Filthbird, using Port Elias as a transport point to offload a large amount of prohibited goods.

However, with Leylin cutting in, this plan was dealt a fatal blow before it could even begin.

With Leylin’s disclosure of the information about their operation, the Port Elias setup had been completely exposed. All the people in charge of the different organisations were nabbed in hiding, and only Belinda had been able to escape with Leylin’s protection.

For the Trial’s Eye’s organisation, this was an intolerable humiliation! The loss of goods and intel was something they could not bear.

Hence, Belinda’s superior Bayclark had brought a huge army and hastened over, planning to destroy Port Elias in one go.

With Bayclark’s strength as a rank 5, the governor who was only at rank 4 could...

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