Chapter 72

Advancing To Level 3 Acolyte

An itch!

An unbearable itch!

Leylin felt that his bones had split open and many ants came crawling out from within. An extremely itching sensation was coursing through his body at this moment.

"Damn it! And I actually have to enter a deep meditative state under this condition and remodel the mind runes."

Leylin's face turned red. He clenched his teeth and resisted the urge to scratch his body as he closed his eyes.

Due to the adverse yet intense effect on his body, Leylin spent several more times longer to enter a meditative state.

Inside the meditation, Leylin seemed to have come to a place.

The surroundings were a grayish blur. Up in the air, there were many lights which seemed like stars, illuminating this place.

Leylin lifted his head. In the air were 24 mysterious runes- glowing with a fluorescent light- which gathered to form a circle.

These were the mind runes that he had painstakingly constructed during the past few years.

Although these mind runes were all constructed through various special means, each and every one of the construction required a huge amount of effort and time. Previously, Leylin had spent more than a year before he could finally construct them in his mind.

"The mind runes of a level 2 acolyte cannot be considered to have fully consolidated. A level 3 acolyte has to integrate the mind runes together based on the foundation set in level 2 acolyte. Moreover, there needs to be a reinforcement of the sea of consciousness!"

Leylin was extremely curious towards that state too.

Right now, he was in a completely 'conscious' state. The sea of consciousness did not appear in any parts of his body. At least, the A.I. Chip had already used a microscopic scan at the atomic level on his body but yet could not find anything.

"The cultivation of Magi spiritual force, may very well have crossed over into the aspect of souls!"

Leylin let out a sigh from the bottom of his heart. And at this moment, the sea of consciousness had a phenomenon.

A layer of tangerine-yellow light continuously permeated over the blurry, grayish mist. Not long after, the whole of the sea of consciousness turned into a bright tangerine-yellow.

"This is the effect of the Reactive Elixir! It was only with a potion that can be smeared on the body, and I also know of the ingredients it is made up of, but that it can actually affect my sea of consciousness, that is really mysterious...."

Before Leylin could gasp again, the tangerine-yellow light immediately rushed up into the sky, as if it wanted to dye the 24 mind runes into a tangerine-yellow colour too.

* Bang! *

The mind runes let off a glow and rejected the contamination of a foreign object, A huge force of impact travelled over. Leylin's vision darkened, and he almost fainted.

"Suppress it!" Leylin hurriedly borrowed the strength of his spiritual force, to suppress the resistance of the mind runes.

* Pop! *

Towards the mind runes that he constructed, Leylin's mastery over them was not little. A few seconds later, the 24 mind runes all stopped resisting, and they were dyed a tangerine-yellow

Under the contamination of the light, the many mysterious patterns appeared on the surface of the mind runes.

These patterns continuously kept extending till they had completely covered the surface of all the mind runes.

* Bang! * The 24 mind runes finally stuck together, forming into an even greater rune.

In Leylin's sea of consciousness, many patterns also appeared. And after the presence of these patterns, the sea of consciousness turned even more resplendent and transparent, as if it were being reinforced.

After the reinforcement, as if listening to some command, the tangerine-yellow light hurriedly retreated, immediately vanishing in the sea of consciousness.

The large mysterious rune let off a glow, and Leylin's consciousness was pushed out from it.

"Where is this place?"

Leylin grew confused; suddenly releasing that he was in a mysterious place. The area was pitch-black, with no light whatsoever.

He wanted to reach out, but there was no concept of "hands" as if he never had any hands before.

In this manner, he floated in the air with no concept of time, yet he couldn't move.

To Leylin, in this space, every minute was like a dozen years.

This feeling could completely drive a sane person over the cliff.

Leylin was somewhat frustrated, "Haven't I advanced into a level 3 acolyte yet? Why would I come to this space? How long has the time passed?"

Suddenly, Leylin's heart jumped, "A.I. Chip!"

[Beep!] A bright blue screen was projected in front of Leylin and although it could not illuminate the darkness, still it made him feel much better.

[Scans have picked up that the Host's spiritual force is in an abnormal state. Under this circumstance, the Host will fail the breakthrough to a level 3 acolyte in 5 Minutes 23 Seconds! 13 Hours 45 Minutes later, due to the failure of all organs death will ensue! Whether to use magic power to get rid of the status? Yes/No?]

"Yes!" Right now Leylin completely did not feel any magic power left in his body, but the A.I. Chip could still circulate it, which made him elated.

[Obtained Host's confirmation and now transferring magic power. In the process of getting rid of the abnormal status....] Along with the A.I. Chip's voice intonation, there was suddenly a strange movement in the pitch-black space.

Leylin's eyes flashed open. He realised that he was still in the secret lab and that not much time had passed since he began.

"During the advancing to a level 3 acolyte, there are actually such strange scenarios!"

Leylin's expression was solemn. His degree of progress was too quick, most of his knowledge had been obtained from the library and also from the simulations and conjectures of the A.I. Chip.

He had no info about some scenarios of advancing into level 3 acolyte.

"Normally speaking, when many level 2 acolytes are in the midst of advancing, they all have their Professors to explain in detail to them... but I'm unfortunate! Even Professor Kroft wouldn't have expected that I would face a breakthrough this quickly!"

Leylin held onto many secrets and would never tell the truth. In Kroft's eyes, he was just a newly advanced level 2 acolyte, so why would he tell him about some notes to pay attention regarding the advancement to a level 3 acolyte?

Furthermore, the books in the library were available commonly. Many things in it had vague explanations. Even if Leylin had the A.I. Chip and was able to erase the false information, together with his experiments, he wouldn't be able to obtain the perfect results.

This caused Leylin to encounter a phenomenon that occurred during his advancement and he was at a complete loss.

"Luckily I had the A.I. Chip this time, if not I will be finished! The road to becoming a Magus is indeed very precarious!"

There was some lingering fear in Leylin's heart.

But this, too, confirmed his deductions. The A.I. Chip had been with him when he was transported and for some unknown reason, it had merged into his soul.

Hence, when his soul met with an abnormality and was isolated and without help, he could still activate the A.I. Chip to get rid of the inner influences from the outside.

"So, advancing to a level 3 acolyte is not about the combination of the mind runes nor reinforcing the sea of consciousness, but about the space of darkness that comes after!"

Leylin suddenly understood much more. All these were usually precious information secrets that were not announced by professors or the academy, many factionless acolytes usually died during this aspect.

[Beep! The Host's spiritual force has some change and is more lively. The Host has advanced into a level 3 acolyte! spiritual force increasing....] The A.I. Chip's voice intoned.

Following which, Leylin felt dizzy, and his spiritual force increased at a rapid speed.







The spiritual force which seemed to ride on a rocket had continuously increased. When the final number jumped, it turned into 10.1, and finally stabilising itself.

"My head hurts!"

With the sudden increase of the spiritual force, right now Leylin's body could still not adapt to the change. He had a runny nose and when he touched the area, he realised that he was bleeding from his nostrils!

"The increase in spiritual force is too fast, and the body could not take it!"

Leylin smiled wryly but very soon his expression changed and cracking noises came from within his body. At the same time, intense pain travelled from all parts of his body continuously.

Leylin's facial muscles contorted and he fell flat on the bed, like a shrivelled up shrimp.

"Damn it! Damn it! The Reactive Elixir's effect is up and the backlash from the potion has started!"

Leylin howled, "A.I. Chip! Begin to coordinate with the magic power and get rid of the remnants from the elixir!"

A layer of a grayish-black halo of light appeared and floated on his body, enveloping his whole body. Along with the flickering of the halo, much of the yellowish-black pus was expunged from Leylin's pores, releasing a very acute stench.

A dozen minutes later, Leylin struggled to get up. He took out a red-coloured potion from the bag lying beside him and drank it fully before his expression changed for the better.

At this moment his body was drenched in sweat and pus, bringing about an acidic stench, as if he had just been scooped out from the sewers.

Leylin tried to pick himself up. His face was pale stricken and he was weak in the knees. His eyes were sunk in as if having been bedridden with an illness for many months.

After pushing open the door of the secret lab, Leylin jingled the bell placed beside the door.

* Ding Ling Ling! *

A crisp yet penetrating sound rang, and it travelled far after a while.

"Young Master! You..." A few minutes later, Anna brought two maids as she rushed over. It seemed like Leylin's lips were covered by his hands.

"It's fine! Send me to the bathroom! I wish to take a shower!"

"Do you want me to call the herbalist or doctor over?"

"No need!"


Half an hour later, Leylin lay in a pool that was constructed from marble. The warm water flowed over his body, bringing away the dirt and grime from him.

Anna was buck-naked as she nestled up against Leylin. She used a white towel to scrub his body.

"Mi....Milord! Your deer blood soup and steak!"

On the other side, Trixy too was stark naked, and her delightful curves were all exposed in front of Leylin eyes. She blushed, as she carried a propped up tray over.

The ray was made of wood and floated on the pool. Leylin picked up his utensils and ate voraciously.

Some time later, Leylin wore a loose bathrobe and reclined on a nearby chair. His back leaned against Anna's chest and enjoyed the sensational perky abundance.

And at his side, Trixy and another beautiful were giving a massage to Leylin.

They had only donned some clothes, which were smaller than a palm. The private areas weren't covered, only faintly discernible at times. This made it even more embarrassing yet alluring.

Trixy and the other maid were only daughters of farmers and they had toiled in the farms since they were young. They had a layer of calluses on their hands even. However, they were extremely young and their slender figures were beautiful. Their bodies radiated the vibrancy of youthfulness. Compared to Anna, it was a kind of wild flavour.

However, right now Leylin completely did not have any interest to engage in an intense bout with them. Instead, he felt somewhat traumatic about the advancement today.

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