Chapter 719

Seals and Restoration

[Sacrificial Array completed! Please choose the target of the sacrifice!]

Several strange symbols emerged on the A.I. Chip’s screen. These symbols seemed to transcend the three-dimensional screen, possessing a strangely ancient feeling, with an aura of the power of laws.

Leylin looked silently at these runes. The A.I. Chip illustrated 7 runes in total, one for each continent’s dignitaries. Among the 7, there were a few that Leylin was naturally familiar with. A vertical eye rune, a twisting snake rune and a rune of a giant bird spreading its wings.

“Trial’s Eye. Snake Dowager. And the Nefarious Filthbird.” Leylin murmured the names of the three dignitaries represented by the runes. These three had left the deepest impression on Leylin, albeit not the most pleasant ones.

“Sacrifice target selection: Nefarious Filthbird!” Leylin held out his hand and lightly touched the rune of the giant bird spreading its wings. The rune was, almost instantly, copied into the previously...

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