Chapter 718

Giant Tortoise and Sacrifice

*Swish!* A brilliant blood-red arc of light cut through the air, wiping out the massive flames. The outside world looked extremely distorted from within it, and it gave one a momentary feeling of isolation. It was clear that this streak was moving at great speeds.

The ray of light vanished in an instant and all became still, but it did not seem too abrupt. A black silhouette revealed itself, and beneath it was an enormous iron hammer with many iron chains firmly sealing a large number of runes.

‘This place is at least a thousand miles away from Port Elias. It should be far enough.’ This was naturally Leylin. After snatching Bayclark, he had been afraid of arousing too much suspicion so he’d used a lot of concealment and bewitching spells, quickly fleeing from the scene.

Although he did not know how much effect the spells he cast had, it was always better than nothing. Leylin finally let out a sigh of relief after making sure that he’d...

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