Chapter 717

Captivity and Escape

Watching the Governor of Elias and the other survivors scurrying to flee the waters, Leylin revealed a trace of an evil smile.

There was no doubt that Leylin was responsible for secretly constructing the massive field of dreamforce.

Originally, due to the restrictions of dreamforce, although Leylin was familiar with most of the Dreamscape spell formations below rank 5, he was ineffective in bringing out its full power.

However, with the appearance of Belinda, and the rank 5 Alabaster Devilsnake’s bloodline on the Mask of the Dreamless, Leylin met the necessary requirements to do this.

The Alabaster Devilsnake had the ability to connect to the Dreamscape, and through the analysis of Belinda’s energy pathways, Leylin was able to quickly familiarise himself with the details of doing this. Belinda was completely not wary of 'Nick’ since he was one of them, it was relatively easy to gather intelligence or scan her system.

Taking the next few steps would now...

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