Chapter 716

Puppet and Dark Forces

After the fierce battle, the Morning Star military were all injured and had wholeheartedly broken out from the enemy’s siege. Without having any fight left in them, they had put in so much work for nothing.

Leylin chose to withdraw at this moment- a selfless and noble model of action that many were grateful to emulate. Of course,there were some who took him for a fool.

But Leylin paid no heed to this, and expressionlessly retreated to the back to rest and watch the great battle.

"Although our enemies continue to battle half-heartedly, if they can’t find a way out, a fight to the death with them would be frightening! The most important thing is that I am not a follower of the Trial’s Eye, so there is no incentive for me to risk my life for this battle..."

Leylin shook his head and formed his own thoughts.

“And now is the chance!”

"A.I. Chip! Execute Plan 1!”

[Beep! Mission established! Initiating plan! Intelligent Body No. 1 is ready!] The A.I. Chip replied...

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